Missing Keys

July 25, 2010
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Padlocks on the door
Bags on the side of the street
What are we supposed to do now?
How can they bring this down?
"Open up please for my families sake.
Not even for me but for my children please!"
God what have I done to deserve this I work honestly everyday
But even this isn't enough nowaday
What if I had gone to Harvard,
Or taken that third job?
Maybe I should have stopped eating
Is making money last really that hard.
"Please don't cry everything will be alright"
How dishonest it feels speaking the lie.
What to do now, we can't just stand here?
Should we park the car on an alley and live on the street. Shelters?
Just another shoot to my damaged pride.
Its what I am now homeless
The darkness set in steel, our breath like clous fogging the sheild.
The car battery has died, our little money is gone.
Winter is here and our death our calling.
If only we could have the keys to the lock.

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