To Be A Rebel

August 5, 2010
To be a rebel
to wear your shirt backwards,
to sing in public,
to paint your fingers
instead of your nails

to break long silences,
to love yourself,
to love others
when no love can be found

to save old birthday cards,
to collect something odd,
like buttons or jelly beans,
to listen to your elders,

to dance,
and dance,
and dance!

to speak out for good,
to keep friends forever,
to say yes
when others say no

to take oppurtunities,
to change your style,
to change your life,
to meet new people,
to challenge yourself

To be a rebel
being someone
like no other,
being a role model
for the new age,
being the one
to save the weak,
to help the poor,
being a fighter
for the good of man

A rebel is not always
being the party-goer
the drug addict
the nonconformist
the emotional teen

Rebels of my eyes
are the
in-law everyday people,
the ones who don’t follow
what other people believe
to be
they make a difference
sometimes ones we can’t see
but if you see a rebel
remember their name
because someday
they’ll be the definition

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