I was then you are now

August 3, 2010
By Anonymous

We were so perfect,
I wish you could see,
past all those other faces,
but you couldn’t,
you were to pompous to notice,
that was then this is now,

you couldn’t see,
is what you told me,
you couldn’t see an “us”,
you broke my heart,
that was then this is now,

I slowly pieced,
my heart back together,
and moved on with my life,
he can see,
what you couldn’t,
this is now that was then,

you want me back,
but I have to tell you,
that I can no longer see an “us”,
I know this breaks your heart,
it would hurt you more,
if I pretended that it would work,

so I’ll tell you now,
you’ll piece your heart,
slowly back together,
move on with your life,
and find someone,
who can see,
what I can not,

I was then,
you are now.

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