Walking Sin

August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

There are diamonds, rubies and pearls decorating the road,
but, I know that is an illusion.
Soon you will see they are fake and the road is not glittering
it is sparkling with shards of sand and cracked pavement.

The Moon smiled at me warmly, but that is only in my head
as I walk down this cracked highway.
Away from the house I called home knowing,
that none shall walk beside me in the near future.

I walk down the road where Hunger walks
besides me as my only, invisible, companion.
Not a friend nor a foe,
just waiting, like a vulture. Walking wordlessly.

I can still hear the cries of everything that I knew in life
rotting away and turning to ashes.
It pains me to turn my back on my doing,
to show them my back as they perished.

I let them curse me, to my dismay it does not allure dear death.
Is this my curse? My retribution for the vow I took?

I know what I did, I let blood run cold,
it was more like a dream that I just saw and did nothing to stop it.

I am forbidden to hold companions,
to hold familial bonds.
I am to travel through the crystal caverns,
wooden archways, gilded mountains and ruins in the oceans and the skies.
Shrouded in a cursed loneliness.
Denied of a merciful death, and given immortality.
This is my eternal curse.

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