My Turn to Speak

July 31, 2010
By Karinna BRONZE, Totowa, New Jersey
Karinna BRONZE, Totowa, New Jersey
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'It costs nothing to dream and everything not to'

I used to lie
A lot
I used to lie
Even to myself

Because I was afraid
Afraid of having an opinion that didn’t agree with the rest
Afraid to stand my ground

I thought if I stepped aside
If I hid
I wouldn’t be notice
So I wouldn’t be forced out of my comfort zone

I hid behind a wall
A hard brick wall that stood tall
Me on one side the world on another

I became older and wiser
I knew what to say, how to act, when to laugh, when to stay shut
So that I would look like another average girl with an opinion, with something to say

But I still hid
I hid behind a mask
Afraid that if I removed it I would be looked at
I would be criticized, laughed at, talked about, and alone

I will not be alone
I will face this world on alone
Nor will I be criticized, laughed at, talked about
I will be like everyone else

Like everyone else
Who wore a mask or hid behind that same wall that I once did

But I have something to say

And I will not hide behind a wall
I will not cover with a mask
I am going to say it
And your words or stares will not intimidate me anymore

You can no longer silence me out
Because I have voice
I will speak when I want, yell when I want, laugh and cry when I want
No more walls
No more mask
Just me

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