Painful End

July 29, 2010
By fallentears SILVER, Warren, Michigan
fallentears SILVER, Warren, Michigan
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I see those pain filled eyes of yours
The moonlight peaks now dull and sore
Delicate, youthful complexion stolen by thieves
Pale skin shrunken and old like crumpled autumn leaves
Slow, stilled breathing emanating from your damaged lungs
Graceful beauty even as you struggle, my heart is stung
You still smile, twitching the corners of your mouth hiding tears shed
Though the white hospital bed sheets contain spread velvet red
Frail hands lie at your side, two limping branches
Wrapped tightly in frozen particles of ice, failed hope and chances
I look at you, replaying memories in my brain
Tears form in my bottom eyelids, threatening to fall, I hold back, refrain
You turn your shriveled face to me, I witness a pathetic grin
With effort it shakes steadily, your bony chin
You know time is nearing its end, minutes like years pass by
Then why, fine creature, do you not cry?
I panic as your eyes begin to close
Glued feet, I fear what awaits next as you wither, a doomed rose
Your mouth shuts, eyeballs with the green pupils disappear
I become a river pouring out for you all the tears
Rest, my love, your journey of suffering has ended today
The earth's oceans have washed all your grieveances away
Heaven's angel's have taken your soul, no more aching delays

The author's comments:
One of my most favorite and heartbreaking pieces. Told in the view of an older man with his older wife.

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