A Love Torn Apart

July 28, 2010
By EmMae PLATINUM, Woodstock, Virginia
EmMae PLATINUM, Woodstock, Virginia
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17 years old and all alone,
lost in a world she doesn't know,
a while ago this story unfurled,
kicked out of her home cuz she loved a girl.

Now she's 20 years old,
no longer alone,
found the girl of her dreams,
found what love means.

Now's the time and now's the night,
They're gonna go all out, goona take flight,
A silver diamond ring will be shining on her finger,
A golden-tuned melody is what she'll sing her.

They walk down the street, hand in hand,
And share a kiss with no demands,
A car with closed minds sees them and glares,
A hatred runs deep and catches them unaware.
A swerve to the right, a thud, breaking glass,
There is no happy ending to this unjust mass.

A pure white headstone,
marks her grave,
a thousands red roses,
for her memory, saved.

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