why couldn't it be me!?

July 22, 2010
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he was there one moment and gone another.
there was happieness, then there was pain.
how could he be gone?
his life was still young.
looking into his eyes that night i thought, "how could life be any better?"
then he was gone. as i watched the blood that kept him alive pour out of his body, he looked at me and spoke his last words:
"i love you and i always will".
how could he be gone? all i wanted to do was scream at him to stay with me, to hold on for me.
but as he took his last breath i wispered back.
"i love you too."
what was i going to do?
how could i live when he wasn't.
i was frozen in time with his body going cold in my arms.
there was happieness then there was pain, lots and lots of pain.
life would become happy again. right?
but how could i live when he couldn't?

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