Love On My Mind

July 20, 2010
By Anonymous

You were on my mind today,
I couldn’t get you out,
It was like an annoying pop song,
That I couldn’t get out of my head.
That’s what you were today.
Some Britney Spears tune,
That was driving me crazy.
But secretly, a song that I can’t help
But divulge in.
Like a pointless, petty reality T.V. show,
I’m addicted to you,
Waiting every week to see you
On Monday or Tuesday-
Honestly, I can’t help but want you everyday.
You’re like that chocolate cake I baked for my mother’s birthday.
You’re bad for me, but you’re also irresistible,
And the process of getting to know you was sweet,
And I secretly want all of you.
You know what you are?
You’re that one friend that gets me in trouble,
But then takes the blame on them self,
Because they can’t bear to see me in trouble.
And then we both end up in trouble anyway,
Because I can’t let you take all the blame.
You’re just like my dog.
I’ve waited all my life to have you,
And I’ll cry the day you go,
Like I’ve lost one of the family,
Because you are.
You know what you are?

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