Just another face

July 19, 2010
By XxAmazingAllyxX BRONZE, Kjhgfdsa, Missouri
XxAmazingAllyxX BRONZE, Kjhgfdsa, Missouri
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God made us best friends becuz he thought our parents couldnt handle us as sisters (:

im just a girl trying to get away.
but all i see is the same old faces. im trapt inside where no one can hear me.Somewhere far far away. Im like a ghost standing in the corners of every school hallway, im every kiss not being noticed, im every sad person left alone with no one to love them. Im just another face. Im a tv forgotten and left on all night, im a cold bed not slept on, im every heart broken girl who can never find there prince, im just another face. im every tear drop you have cried, im ever shoulder you have layed your head on, im every heart you may live in. and im just another face you may see.

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