Fight Between Eyes And Colors

July 19, 2010
By LeahD GOLD, Tepito, Other
LeahD GOLD, Tepito, Other
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I was once told,
The eyes are the gates to your soul.
His eyes are light green;
Yet full of darkness,
Scary darkness.

Through them you can see,
The hate and distaste.
So much hate,
Radiating from them.
If he glares,
You step back.

Through them an unspoken demand can be seen:
Don’t come near,
Now or ever.
But in spite of his warning,
I take two steps forward.
And make eye contact
With his dark widened eyes.

But as I step closer,
I see a small thing
At the corner of his eye…
I see love.

And with that a battle begins;
Love to hate
Hate to love,
Blue to green
Green to blue,
Light to dark
Dark to light.

But the winner is love, blue, light.
And I take hate, green, dark’s hand…
And smile.

The author's comments:
I made it in French class and I was REALLY bored, but... anywho. It is supposed to be about a guy and a girl, and the girl is in love with him and he with her, only that he is so full of hate he doesn't know how to love the girl. At the end of the poem, when she smiles, she is helping him overcome his hate and anger... with love.

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