Growing Up

July 19, 2010

The three names that this little heart owns
A baby girl with brown eyes stares up at her mother

Hunny the bed that held you was wrapped in pink blankets
The small fingers wrapping around my hand firmly
And the cries are the only thing
That could make me worry
10 toes
10 fingers
Baby Girl I whispered it’s okay
I held you in my arms till the brown eyes closed

5 years old
I watch as you ride your first bike
Hot pink with glitter
Your long blonde hair blowing in the wind
The smile your face has always held
Is plastered upon the face of an angel
I swear you thought you had wings
But I wish I could’ve caught you when you fell
Scratches no across your knees and arms
You screamed whenever you saw the bike
Baby Girl it’s okay I whispered
Daddy’s here, Daddy’s here
Soon the screams started to fade
And your enemy was now your best friend

10 years old
The hands of a volleyball player
I watch as you transform into an athlete
Those 10 fingers now given a reason
Next you transform
Into a ball player
Dribbling down the court
I watch my little girl go
Now I see you getting carried off
I run to the sideline
Crying you reach for me
Daddy will I be okay?
You cry
You hold your wrist
A broken one
On the way to the hospital
I whisper Baby Girl don’t cry
Everything will be alright

15 years old
I watch you turn into a young lady
Wearing your boyfriends football jersey
I can’t help but feel jealous
You were once my little girl
Parties, Basketball games
Are now a way of life
Slowly I feel like I’m losing you
One year, and crying you come to me
I guess scratched knees are better than broken hearts
And Boyfriends don’t last as long as Dad’s
My jealousy that was once there fades away
I hold you
Baby girl I whisper
It’s all right
But it seems now only ice cream can kill your pain
But I realize your still Daddy’s little girl
But I hold you until your cries start to fade away

20 years old
I watch you finish up college
Getting your diploma
You make your way across the stage
Samantha W.
The crowd cheers if you were a star
You are my star
There are boxes covering your apartment floor
Tomorrow is moving day
Florida University here you come
A tear rolls down your face
And you walk up to me an give me a hug
You told me you were going to miss me
And that you loved me
Baby girl, I’m going to miss you too
I hugged back, more than ever
Your tears now turned into waterworks
I held you even tighter
And whispered
Baby Girl, Baby Girl it will all be okay

25 years old
It’s now your day
I remember when you brought him home
I gave you such a hard time
But I loved him
I now look at you
In your mothers wedding dress
You stare in the mirror
You turn around
Daddy do I look pretty?
You looked beautiful
That’s when my first tear fell
You wrapped your arms around me
And this time you whispered
Daddy it’s okay
It’s okay daddy
I’ll always be your Baby girl

That’s the day I knew I would never lose you

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