And... Cut

July 23, 2010
How is it
That I manage
To ruin everything
In a
Single night?

Maybe not
But screaming at a dog
Because I’m mad at my dad
And making the dog sulk
(I didn’t even know dogs
COULD sulk)
And making the neighbors think
I ’m insane
Pretty bad.

And maybe not
But my dad’s mad,
My dog’s sad,
And my neighbors
Think I’m a freak.
That’s a lot.

If I was in
A movie,
This would be the time
The director cues
The inspiring music.
It I was in
A movie,
Now would be
the cue
For the best friend
To come
And encourage me
To work at my dreams.
But this is reality.
And all my dreams
Have been
And squashed
Like a bug.

(No movie
is complete without
sound effects).

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qui133 said...
Sept. 14, 2010 at 4:36 pm
ha! i like the way you ended this. what would a movie be without inspirational music and sound effects? reall life, maybe. keep writing.
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