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July 28, 2010
By djfabreezayy BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
djfabreezayy BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
You’re not a quitter. You suffered a great loss; you’re not the same person. You should be… looking ahead, you should be starting over. K?
-Stephan Salvator.

Who's there to say, that love won't exist?
Who's there to say that the way you kiss won't be missed?
'Cause the time I've spent, has been such as abyss.
'Cause the time I've loved, has been so much above...
You and me.

And the way we love
Was so much to trust
The way we touched
Was so much to love
And the way I trusted,
Has now been dusted from you.

'Cause you've been in my heart for so long
You've been in my mind i can't keep on.
The image of your body moves with me.
Can't you just leave?
There's no love here for me.

I'm to say that love doesn't exist.

The author's comments:
Ever felt like someone was totally special to you, then they just stopped being special? They either made you unspecial so you did the same, or both of you just changed? Well I haven't. But here's a poem about it(:

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