July 27, 2010
By , Tamarindo, Costa Rica
I say I’m doing fine, that I feel well
That everything’s all right, there is no hell
It’s on my mind, that my heart swells
Whenever I think about our farewell

Happiness is a funny term,
You say it isn’t on your arms, but I found it there,
If love is not here anymore, tell me where
I just can’t keep pretending I don’t care
That coldness took over our lair.

Can you tell me you don’t feel your heart ripping itself apart?
When you look back in time at us, growing love within the pass of the hours?
Do you remember those evenings when we listened as the rain pours?
Down the windowpanes, and there wasn’t a day we could call sour.

When everyday was perfect in every way,
We would blend with each other, to then melt away.
I remember those moments when we would lay
Silent, thoughtful, without anything to say,
But words weren’t needed, we loved it that way.
How we could feel ourselves both closer to each other,
And from the world farther away.
How we thought nothing could ever go astray!
But here we are, going our own way,
Who would have thought our days could go gray?

I can feel it inside; that we are doing what is right,
Yet I cannot promise you I wont think about us day and night.
But I keep in mind that darkness eventually turns to light,
And soon we will shine bright.
There is nothing to do when love is gone,
And it is better we walk through life alone,
I will always be happy to know I have you as a friend,
And to know this is far from being the end.

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