Tearing Through Silence

July 30, 2010
If a tree falls in an empty forest,
Doest it make a sound?
Do the animals, who called it
Home, weep?
Is the ground below it crushed,
Underneath its weight?

The ground is rocked,
With the impact.
It is beaten.
Packed tighter
Than ever before.

The animals,
Shed countless tears and
Gather, with sad eyes,
Around the remnants of a lost
Loved one.

The sound is Thunderous!
It infects the peace around it.
It attacks, with a crash
So powerful,
That it bruises the soul,
It barrages the tranquility
With echoes,
That scar the complexion.

If a crime is committed
With no one to witness
Tear through the silence
In which it once swam?

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