The Black Foe

July 26, 2010
By SilverDragonGirl BRONZE, Ottawa, Illinois
SilverDragonGirl BRONZE, Ottawa, Illinois
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We were always together
We were never alone
We were dragon and rider
We were one

Until the day the Black Foe came
With his thirteen traitors
Seeking revenge for the death of his dragon
Driven by the sorrow and madness in his heart

We watched many brethren fall
And the flashes of many hued tongues of flame
We heard the cries of pain
The laments for a lost partner
And the sadistic laughter of the Black Foe

We fought valiantly together
I with tooth, claw, and fire
You with sword, and magic
But the Black Foe could not be defeated

I saved you from the bite of the Black Foe’s sword
And now, I lay here with you wailing over me
I smell the scent of my own blood
I see it on your hands as you hold my head
I feel my body growing weaker
And I have not the strength to comfort you
My vision goes dark as I pass into the void

The author's comments:
This poem is a fan fiction for one of my favorite book series, the inheritance series. It is one of the battles during the fall of the riders, when Galbatorix tries to kill all of the dragon riders because he believes they are the reason his original dragon is dead. The poem is in the point of view of one of the dragons that fought Galbatorix.

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