Footprints That Never Wash Away

June 28, 2010
I want to change the world
Why don’t you come along for the ride?
God’s on our side
If you didn’t see his footprints
Right next to mine

I wanna change the world
One step at a time
One person at a time
You could follow behind
But I’d rather you fight next to me
Because we need another set of footprints in the sand

It’s all part of my plan
To help others
Because God has taken my burdens
I’m now
Gonna focus
On people who matter
And people who need the help
Add your footprints to ours

It’s okay that your path isn’t as long
Your journey might have just begun
But God needs your help
To help everyone
So start your path of footprints
In the sand

So God’s here with me
Take my hand
Or you could take his
Fight with us
Change the world
We need another set of footprints in the sand

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