Starcrossed Would Be Too Cliche

June 28, 2010
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The stars said we could never be,
"Impossible," they said, you and me.
Yet the collision we could not resist;
and so, my darling, we kissed.
The Raven was screaming "Nevermore,"
and then that raven began to soar.
We flew so high into the lofty sky.
We were truly unique, you and I.
We were in a world of our own;
they had no idea how far we had flown.
Sooner or later, though, it had to end
and I would say goodbye to my best friend.
Your life descended onto that runway lit by lights,
where your wings had touched down for so many nights.
Even now, I remember your face,
as the one who showed me what happens in space.
Star would collide and planets would form,
just as we would only transform.
Whether you be particle, atom, mass, or illusion;
together, darling, we would always be more powerful than fusion.

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