June 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I don’t like you very much,
And it’s no secret you don’t like me either
But since you pretend to be friends with so many,
Why can’t you pretend to be my friend as well?

All the students at school
Are superficial and immature
I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with them
But I still long to be their friend

Why you may ask?
It’s a question I’m shamed to answer
Because, like every other sentient creature,
With every fiber of my being,
I crave acceptance

I hate having to sit in a corner
All by myself,
Like the freak that people think I am
And I hate having no one to compliment me
Even if the words aren’t heartfelt

And I wish I had someone
Who would like me for who I am,
Even if it were just pretend.
And someone to attend my party,
Even if it’s just for the free food

As shallow as I may seem,
Caring so much about what people think of me
You wouldn’t blame me
If you were the one sitting in a corner all lonely,
Feeling like a stranger in this world,
Like there’s no place for you here

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