Darling You Are Gone

July 30, 2010
Well, My Dear Let Us Say
No More Pebbles Of Pretend
No More Gardens Of Clay
Dear, You Are My Best Friend

Your Eyes Are Marbles That Mask The Light
You Are Cold
You Are Dead
Your Soul Is Coal That Will Never Ignite

Your Skin Is Paper-Thin And Bruised
You Are Silent
You Are Still
Your Heart Is Unsteady, Unheard, And Unused

Your Perfect Legs Are Feelingless Grace
You Are Steady
You Are Mean
Your Arms Are A Circling Envious Place

Your Words Are Cutting They're Numb
You Are Cruel
You Are Clean
Your Voice, Stinging String, It Becomes

Your Face It Is Etched, It Is Clear
You Are Callous
You Are Hard
Your Gaze, It Is Poison, It Is Fear

Your Throat Is As Decrepit As Glass
You Are Awake
You Are Alone
Your Hands, Shivering, Sillouttes Of Brass

Darling You Are
Darling You Are Hate
Darling You Are Dark
Darling You Are The End

You Are My Best Friend

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sunrise_faerie said...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 4:33 am
once again, amazing : D and yes, I'm reading and commenting on all of your work, and yes, I am aware that it's probably annoying, but to be honest, I'm hooked on your lovely poetry. 
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