June 26, 2010
Running. I’m running out of time
Waiting. I’m waiting for this
Long. It’s been a long time now
Lost. The memories are lost
Strange. This place is too strange for words
Confused. Why am I here?
Crazy. Am I crazy enough to believe?
Influential. Can I get you to like nature does?
Able. I can do this
Unsure. What if he doesn’t?
Destruction. Too late
Peace. What happened?
Normal. How can I be?
Rational. Where’s the logic?
Truth. I knew this would happen
Lie. I was prepared
Attentive. They know
Curious. Is that possible?
Tempted. So close
Captured. Not for long
Running. To where it all started
Loose. I’m gone
Waiting. Back to the beginning

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