July 16, 2010
Dear ragdoll, come here, do this, go there. HEY!
I said come here!
Dad, why are you getting mad at me, I don't understand.
You told me to go there.

Stop arguing with me! If you don't want to do it, don't! I'll do it myself.
But I... ugh. Finially I just sit down and start to cry.
He walks by, what's wrong with you ragdoll?
I look up, and think to myself, this isn't fair, I'm still getting blamed.

I'm sitting in my room crying, thinking: Why wont he listen to me?
Then he comes in. Here's your money, it's my way of saying sorry.
This isn't fair, I'm not a ragdollm you can't do this to me!
You're frusterated, fine, but don't take it out on me, then say sorry everytime!

I'm not a ragdoll, you can't expect to say sorry, and me to just be fine.
I have feelings. Ones that you play with, until you're satisfied
Sorry, it doesn't work that way.
You want me to think you care, but how can I when you're holding me in the air.

A friend tells me to ignore you, but that's hard to do with you know right where to go.
I don't give you power when I'm around you, but in my room I break down.
There's no much I can do besides ignore you, and I know you see you hurt me.

Dear Dad, I'm done beeing your ragdoll. I have to do what you say,
but yell at me, and I'll just walk away.
I'm stronger then you, and it'll stay that way.
Find a new ragdoll.

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