in terms of Clementi

July 15, 2010
i. (theme)
crystallized moods shatter
on ugly green linoleum.
an overture to tears. crescendo
to pain. mezzo piano to
one sharp sfortzando –

and a fermata on the rest.

ii. (development)
aching fingers pull a blanket
closer. a tied octave: low measure
after measure of A…

staccato heart beats
unwilling beats.

iii. (recapitulation)
key change. a reverse
crescendo. a backwards de
crescendo. a growth to quietness,
the earth a pedal point below
bare feet, rocking rocking rocking
to hold hold hold.

arms spread: body leans in.
mezzo piano grows
to mezzo forte. slow rise
to forte.
fortissimo –

iv. (coda)

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