Negative to Positive

July 18, 2010
Walking around with your eyes closed
thinking that the world is a wonderful place
When you open them it marks the turning point
and you cover up your face

You go from sauntering to stumbling
and your face gets very pale
a shot gun in the dark
a dog wagging it's tail

It's going to get worse
before it gets better
Raindrops slam the Earth
and soak your only sweater

You start to scream in fear
of the way that things are
you want your eyes to close
but that point is much too far

Don't let it bring you down
and never give in
This pain that is so thick
will start to grow thin

The sun will break through the clouds
and you will see multiple green trees
The power and the beauty
will bring you to your knees

A smile will start to take over
that frown on your face
Bad will turn to good
at an unimaginable pace

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