I Love You...Not

July 18, 2010
Those hurtful words I always say
The ones that make you feel good
Oh, they don’t hurt me anymore
The feeling has just went numb
And the words have gotten old
I can say them to anyone
Because I don’t truly mean them

I said them to a boy one day
And you could care less
But that boy really was in love with me
Little did I know, he wasn’t who I thought
Three years, some broken bones, and a few bruises later
I realize now that the words “I love you” mean something

Those words don’t hurt me anymore
I can’t say them to you though
Even though you didn’t bruise me on the outside
My heart is permanently brown from your words
They’ve caused me so much trouble in the past years
Remember those words I used to tell you
Forget them now, because I have found me again
I am no longer lost in your false love

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