Must I not

July 18, 2010

Racing, heart
Pounding, I must not cry
Chin quivering, butterflies flying, I must not
Cry, Repeat: I must not cry, Memorize, In my head,Dry up
My eyes, No matter what, I gotta stay strong, Put on a mask, Pretend
Nothing’s wrong, Mom says, Go ahead, You’re allowed; cry, She doesn’t get it
One bit, I’m keeping my sisters alive, The middle one has the hardest time
If it rained on her Birthday, She would cry, What would happen, If there
was a chance my mom was gonna die, And me, Her only hope
Started to cry, Happiness would leave her, And she’d
Wonder why, So again I say to myself, Do not
cry, I will repeat those words, In my
head, Until I, Die

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Amiee said...
Aug. 31, 2010 at 10:12 am

this is kinda scary in a way but mysteriously beautiful

it's confused and jumbled, but cuz of that, it makes you think

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