The Love Me Poem

July 23, 2010
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Quietly crying.
Silently awake.
I pray the lord.
My soul to take.

But if he's not watching.
And I'm all alone.
I hope in my heart.
And deep in my bones.

That somewhere you love me.
Somewhere it's true.
That someone still loves me.
And that someone is you.

I hope that you find me.
I hope that you care.
I hope that you miss me.
Even when you're not there.

When the sun shines.
And when the moon glows.
When trees dance.
And when the wind blows.

I wish that you see me.
I hope that you know.
I hope you remember.
How I wish you won't go.

I want you to tell me.
I want you to see.
How all I really want.
Is for you to love me.

Love me.
Please love me,
Even though I'm no good.
Love me.
Don't leave me,
Even though that you should.

Because I really have no one.
No one but you.
And no one will have me.
Not even a few.

I can't count on my fingers.
The number of days.
That I really feel happy.
Or the things that I change.

But my dreams, how they flicker.
You're face at my side.
You're not there, that I know.
But I really don't mind.

Just so long as you love me.
I really hope you see.
That as I love you and miss you.
That I hope you miss me.

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