I Wish. . .

July 14, 2010
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I wish I had you all to myself again, I wish you could stop calling me , but when you call me this I smile, don’t know why. I wish he loved me, I wish he liked me, I wish he could tell me how he feels, I wish he wouldn’t be fake around me, I wish people saw the real him, the guy I grew to love, I wish he would be annoying and weird again, I wish he wasn’t so violent and aggressive, I wish I called him again, I wish our friendship went back to normal, I wish everything we had in the past came back, I wish people would stop telling me I love him, or I like him; even though it might be true, I wish people would stop saying his name when there around me, I wish he would hug me, I wish he would kiss me, I wish he would hold my hand and tell me everything would be alright, I wish people would stop calling him names when they really don’t know him, I wish people wouldn’t wish him the worst, I wish I had the guts to confess, I wish he was here, I wish I was talking to him again, I wish, I wish….

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