My Own Nightmare

July 24, 2010
By MKB17 PLATINUM, Southampton, New Jersey
MKB17 PLATINUM, Southampton, New Jersey
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Streak their way
Down the horizon
In the dark sky
Shake the ground
The wind
Whips at the open window
As I run to shut it
A blanket of hail
Falls from above
Making clinking noises
On the roof
I see it then
The funnel cloud
I run for the basement
But it is too late
The nasty cloud
Grabs onto me
And pulls me into itself
Never to come out
But that’s what the cloud wants
That’s why it decided
To come down
Onto my house
Or that’s what I was thinking
Before my vision blurred
With black

The author's comments:
I am terrified of tornadoes, and have had plenty of nightmares like this one, so it was easy to come up with this idea.

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