Blank Fate

July 24, 2010
Suicidal_Cheer_Leaders_Little_ScribbledOut_Liees SILVER, Memphis, Tennessee
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He lives in a fairytell world,
Too far for us too to find.
He left this world,
Left us far behind.
He scribbled out the truth,
Left behind the dirty lies.
The Blank page,
That lies the truth of where He is.
Is the only exception,
To tell that He was real.
The memories are erased,
The love for him is gone.
While He stays ageless,
In his fairytell world.
While I myself had a diffrent Fate.

I remember the black skies,
When Fate had finally found me.
The small distance from me,
And Destiny.
Every crack,
That had formed in my Life,
And every lie,
That I erased from my soul,
Had come back to haunt me.
I remembered those times where hope was once my best friend,
So why won't it bring me to safety?
When the walls had caved in,
I remembered when hope was in a hands reach,
But now Fate had finally found me
Our Destiny had reached diffrent ends.
Hopefully their right, Opposites attract, and we'll meet again.

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