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July 24, 2010
Shimmering lights hang in the sky as if suspended. Lace clouds leave the moon half covered. It is night.
‘So much to do,’ whispers a flicker of the breeze.
‘Not enough time,’ replies a lazy rush of water.
A small and significant melody is twisted through the fingers of long weeded grass; winded again and again as a cricket slowly cries. It is a long and musical sound.
A beam of silvery light sashays and hits the river. As if to protest, the water gives a shuddering roar, a constant, steady noise. The notes are high and soon spiral into silence.
The light twinkles on the ready water, flipping and twisting in the most reluctant of spots.
A breeze flits up and down along the banks, ruffling the heads of tall grass and the occasional wildly cut bush.
Muffled steps shock the silence of the bank; a small animal wanders up unto the edge of the brushy tides and plunges into a small, interminable hollow in the ground.
Silence takes over in waves as the wind slowly and with definite finality ceases to blow; and at last a speck of light is seen.
It is dawn.

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jonpettigrew said...
Apr. 5, 2013 at 12:20 pm
I really like it, it  paints a beautiful picture of the forest,  it also kind of gave me this vibe that made me feel like i was observing something in nature that really isn't meant for human eyes

i dont know if that makes any sense 
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