It Was Her

July 20, 2010
By , lalaland, UT
There’s a boy,
So logical, so brilliant,
He was the term ‘genius’
The very definition,
In living form.
He was everything genius,
But barely human.
He knew everything around him,
Inside and outside, like the back of
One of his texts books.
Except himself.
The seemingly heartless boy,
He fell in love,
He fell hard,
And he didn’t even realize,
Pushing her away,
Convinced they only had a friendship
Between them.
And it broke her heart.
She moved on,
Never speaking to him again,
Because she’d seen past his little
Façade, hiding his true self,
And she’d seen glimpses of the real
Boy inside the genius shell.
But she couldn’t wait for him
To realize how he felt.
After she left, she continued,
Living her life,
But he couldn’t go on,
And he sat, a genius,
As well as hermit,
Studying as always,
But pushing everyone away,
Confused and alone, trying to
Discover why he suddenly felt so
Empty, angry, depressed, and lifeless,
When only a few months before,
He’d known all the secrets of the world,
And had had all his world domination
Plans laid out,
And then, one night, staring at himself
In the mirror as he readied for bed,
It hit him.

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iluvrockandroll2 said...
Sept. 19, 2011 at 2:44 pm
Love it!! beutiful poem :))
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