That Kind of Love

July 20, 2010
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I hope it’s okay if I start with a cliché,
Because sometimes you really don't know what you've got till it's
gone, and by then you're a pawn in this game
called love. And love is interesting because
once it starts infesting your life it's something you
can't live without.
And I'm not talking about that brother and sister
love, I'm talking about that love that’ll twist ya world
create a smile
from a frown.
That kind of love that you see in the movies,
even though she may bug you,
you love her.

You know that kind of love
that you really cant explain, the kind thats worth all the pain
and suffering that it my bring . The kind you fight through anything.
And everything because she’s your queen and you’re her king
A love so pure that it makes you want to sing with joy.
You know, that kind of love.
But then it’s gone.
And like I said, you didn't know what you had and now you're sad.
You feel like there's a hole
because you're not whole
anymore because the one you adore is
no more, because figuratively and literally
she walked out that door. And all of a sudden
you're sullen, mulling around in your head
now that relationship is dead, wishing
it was different, especially in this instance
no matter how insistent you are that there’s no
distance between two hearts in love.
There is.

Now, without sounding to whiny, check out this irony:
It took losing her forever to realize how much I loved being together
and it wasn’t until I lost her that I knew how much I loved her and
how much she meant to me and she will always be in my heart in a very special part
Because it’s funny how when you break
up, you think about that person more than you ever have before.
And you close the door to the world, so the tears won’t pour,
anymore and slowly you try to pick yourself up off the floor.
See a CD, or look at a picture that together you took,
and don't even get me started on the damn Facebook.
Try as hard as I might, tonight, everything reminds
of you. And understandably,
you shared a part of me, and you;
and planned for things that now we’ll never do, and that's the truth.
You are confronted with your fears of having no one near, because now you're
alone and have to keep going and are forced to keep growing. Only now it's by
yourself with your ego
knocked off the shelf
because what was once indestructible has now self destructed.

They say it takes twice as long to forget as it did to know,
So I’ve got one month down and two years to go.
The feeling of heartbreak doesn’t take a break and
now I’m forced to fake a smile and make due for a while,
while my heart mends itself and I rebuild myself so that
someday soon it can lend itself to someone new.
Someone who makes my heart jump over the moon.
Someone who makes me feel lonely in a crowded room until
she enters with all her glory like a fairy tale story.
Like she was an angel or a dove sent for me from above.
But until then I’m waiting, for that kind of love.

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