That Night

July 21, 2010
You look like an angel
Forgive me if I said wrong
Forever is now in your hands

You’re now the owner to this
Once controlled heart
You’re now this hearts only hope

You said you wished upon a star that night
Baby was I your shooting star?
I wish I could make all your dreams come true
So tell me I’m bigger than a glittering piece of light
Can I be Haley’s Comet?

I wished upon a star that night
You would think it was Deja Vu
But it was just you

I’ve seen you before
Yes, in my dreams
Crazy as it may seem
You are my dream
You are my wish

So I ask you this one question
And I tell you these three things

You are my rising sun in the morning
And my smiling face in the afternoon
But baby nothing compares
To the star you are at night

So if forever means forever
Than be with me until the end of the stars
And the rise of the new moon
Because the setting of the sun is nothing without you

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