Love Is Like A Battlefield

June 21, 2010
By BeforetheStorm PLATINUM, Eastbrook, Maine
BeforetheStorm PLATINUM, Eastbrook, Maine
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"I miss you, more than the sun misses the moon... and the desert misses the soft caress of the rain on a hot summer's night..."

Love is like Mountain climbing; great at first, easy even. But, as you go on, it gets harder. You'll find crumbly parts, and places that are a bit touchy. If you're a smart climber, you can get around these places, avoid them. If you enjoy freeing those crumbling rocks, though, you have to make sure the rest of your team's willing to go, too.

Love is like an ocean; Waves come and go, and there are always storms around the edge of the world. If you're a good captain, you can get your crew to stay calm when the storms hit, when a rogue wave decides to hit. If you're a good captain, you can find the smooth sailing.

Love is like a battlefield; Bullets spraying overhead. Most of them from your side. You know they are because they come from behind you. You hear multiple people telling you to get out of the way, but you can't, you have to get to that last soldier in the last wave. If you're a good soldier, you can get to that soldier and save your team, you and your team can reach the calm.

But, at what cost?

The author's comments:
I was up late, and I decided to write it down as it came.

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