July 17, 2010
By KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
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She didnt know she didnt see just how fast she could leave.

I guess God wanted her as the Guard to his gates...but she was such a lovely mistake.

The blood rushed through her veins on the walls on the floors in his hands on the way.

She was so fast to follow so quick to lead but my sister just couldnt believe.

Nala....such a sweet puppy. thirteen weeks just three more days she just had to part today!!!!

Its alright and its okay we will see our NALA again someday.

Its alright and its okay she didnt feel the pain....

The author's comments:
Today (July 17 2010) my oldest sisters puppy Nala died she was the oldest of five and today my sisters boyfriend accidently fell on her killing her instantly it was a tragedy and also a lesson not to do flips in the house....we will miss her dearly aswell as all of the other dogs in the house

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