My drug

July 17, 2010
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They said no
I said yes
They said stay away
I couldn’t resist

You were like my drug
Having them take you away
I had withdraws
I was addicted to you

You were my temptation
You were the devil
Dark & evil
I was an angel
Sweet & soft

I went down the wrong path
If it wasn’t for them
You would still be my drug
Giving me highs and lows

The monster came out
Every time I was with you
The monster they didn’t like

I look at myself in the mirror
I ask who I am
Who is this girl that stands before me
Staring me right back in the face
The eyes of truth speak

My hair is dull
It used to be full of shine
My skin is dry
Once it was so soft
My eyes are red & puffy
Once they showed kindness & care

It’s sad
I needed you
To make me feel complete
Now there is a hole where you were

I’ve chosen a different path
My heart is scared
With you & your love
My hands shake
Feeling scared & regretting

We’ve gone in opposite directions
& I cry because we have
They ripped me away
You were my drug
You were my addiction

I felt the pain of a broken heart
A million different pieces
I had to glue it together
By myself & with no help

You never said a word
But neither did I
All the words are done now
There are no more left to say

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Anjo! said...
Aug. 10, 2010 at 2:57 am
awesome writing. i could feel the pain and the love of the words. good good. =] keep writing.
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