Someone new

July 13, 2010
Should have left without saying goodbye.
As the seasons change like the attitudes of the people you knew
You wonder if those friendships were true.
And down by my cheek were a tear or two, but whipped them away didn't want to feel blue.
It was when things ended I became someone new, someone awesome without you
The one outspoken and unbroken, my new life like a golden token.
Swiftly moving head held high, favorite colors marking the sky.
Shocked by who i am, amazed at what I've become...Invincible.
My words and heart is like art
It's my fashion that's undeniable, totally impeccable and super incredible.
Many things change and many go blind, so I'm glad to know i had you by my side
And when things get rough and we start to cry, just know I'm never far behind.
And as i become someone new i take all that we've learned from past to now
watching the world with no gray clouds.
I am someone new, someone better.
I am abstract art that will never fall apart.

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