July 12, 2010
Amazing. Even as the tears flow from my bleeding heart,

I still love you.

My soul is torn, finally accepting the fact that you're gone.

Where you are, I would not care, if you had not taken my love with you.

My only wish is that when it comes, death shall take me quickly.

Life, to some so precious, so sweet, means nothing to me.

I once loved,

I once laughed,

I once drew air with joy,

now, as my breath rattles into this tomb of a body,

I curse my youth.

I could not wish to die of age,

for at nineteen, I have many years to spend in misery,

too certain I am that I will suffer through each day,

wishing for your return,

but desiring death as I know it won't occur.

Come back, for I pray to die,

not alone,

not in tears,

but in your arms,

happy as I pass into eternity.

If not, know that you shall carry my soul,

for as long as you live.

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