My Letter to the King

July 10, 2010
By pmg17 BRONZE, Woburn, Massachusetts
pmg17 BRONZE, Woburn, Massachusetts
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Dr. King,
as I write my letter to you.
I realize how much you have done for me.
You don’t know my name, and you’ve never
seen my face,
but you cared.
You cared to make life better for my five brothers and myself.
you cared to give me a chance to impact the world.
You dreamed big enough to let everyone see the world
You dreamed big enough to act on your dreams for our people,
and you led them to the promise land.
I am a testament to that.
Without out your work I would not be writing my letter,
maybe I wouldn’t even be here,
but you made sure I would.
You made sure that I could see a new day,
one were I could go to school and compete with all
the other children of the God you and I so very much
believe in, you made it possible.
I now see as my life goes on and I come closer to adulthood,
your affect on my life.
You were not just another guy who did something for our race,
you were the first true brave heart,
you led a life that not many choose to lead.
One of power and promise,
one of strength and faith,
one which moved so many mountains,
for so many different people,
and most of all for me Dr. King,
you have given me so much,
and all I can give you is my letter,
my letter to The King.

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