Renaissance (goodbye)

July 9, 2010
Losing you

Was like a renaissance.

I once was in love,

But your goodbye

Was my wake-up call.

I used to think that if you left me

I would die inside,

And part of me did.

But the part that awakened

Is so much stronger

Than the part that you left shattered

In the wake of your goodbye.

Deep inside my heart is a place where

I still want you to hold me,

Or tell me that you love me.

But that place in my heart

Is nothing more than a dark hole.

The missing piece is the one

That I gave to you.

And you accepted it.

Then you left me.

But you left me

With the realization

That I don't need you anymore.

I asked to be your best friend.

You said that position was filled.

I tried to tell you about my life.

You were too busy to listen.

Your hugs were sweet,

Your kisses were sweeter,

But those are not what I needed.

I need someone who loves me


Faults and all,

And you are not that someone.

Loving you showed me

That forever isn't always forever,

"I love you" doesn't always come from the heart,

And goodbye can be

A renaissance

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