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July 12, 2010
if you ever catch yourself
drinking in the sky,
think about me.

i sat today,
the wind blowing kisses to me
from across the world,
and i wondered,
to a horizon the shade
of my tongue after a cherry candy,
where you were.
i mean,
at that moment,
with the sky coaxing the moon out of hiding,
what thought was dancing through your head?
were you looking at the hazy sunset,
now the color of my fingers
stained with dandelion dust,
and considering,
even briefly,
whether i was whispering my love to you,
and letting the sky
paint my feelings on your sunset canvas?
if you weren’t,
remember me
the next time the molten
sun pours itself onto the landscape.
blow me a kiss,
and seal it with the wind.

and wherever i am,
the next time
i plunge myself into
the spectrum
of the sky,
my thoughts will blaze with you.

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