July 9, 2010
By Ester BRONZE, Oak Forest, Illinois
Ester BRONZE, Oak Forest, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
" You may be at breaking point, where you will loose everything in a second but don't you dare let the world tear you apart for it and never will you let it bring you down with this mess."- nathaniel cordival(:

Big cities and loud streets, yeah that’s how it is.
Whistling for a cab to hiding out late.
Living in this big city, it gets lonely.
Those city lights make it seem like it’s the milky way.
Somehow so far out of reach, but hey its Manhattan.
The city of dreams and restless sleep.
Late at night, a walk is peaceful, so peaceful that its lonely.
One soul in this big city, how lonely.
With no one near, even with thousands of souls, but hey again its Manhattan.
All those people do not give justice to Manhattan, since in this big city everyone is alone.
So alone that one must intrigue themselves with strangers.
The lights of this city makes it crazy. So crazy that one must be so too.
Honking from crazy taxis to people rushing down 5th Ave.
What’s the hurry? We’re just young souls.
Maybe getting lost within these strange souls, we will find ourselves.
So here’s the roar of the metro to the subway, oh lord here is the craziness.
Underground is were these strange souls life and were we combine.
So let’s get lost in Manhattan and we will find ourselves with in.
After all it’s Manhattan.

The author's comments:
Overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, made me realize the beauty within this city

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