The Power of Poetry

July 7, 2010
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Poetry is powerful
It allows your emotions to unfold
For your inner story to be told
The words search your soul pulling out all feelings and emotions that run over you like an inclement ocean
While at the same time the words you place on paper are the codes to crack your mind
Poetry has been used as a form of therapy since the beginning of time
It works as an antibiotic to kill all that’s toxic
That your body is an unwilling host to and your mind is opposed to
Unshackle those arcane uninvited emotions
That sullies your soul, incarcerates your mind and tantalizes your heart
Sent them free, let the metaphors, similes and hyperboles
Cause you to fall to your knees, releasing all negative energy
As your tongue, flows what your heart feels, spitting out all that’s caused you pain
All that’s driven you insane, caused you to sleep like a restless ocean
Replace that with peace; let it make its motion
And let your heart marry your mind and may they remain one until the end of time
The simplest of words can make your mind mellifluous….if you let it
Can cleanse your soul and make you whole….if you’re willing
And can open your heart and set you free to a world of positive possibilities…if you are only patient
Poetry is powerful

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