The Introduction to Ithaca

July 6, 2010
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There is a place
Hidden in plain sight
If we were not destructive
Or fearful, It would not have
To hide and we all could live
Where Things happened.
The only place where people
Live with one another with no
Shame or hatred. A place where
You and I are welcome.

A place that is dying
Because of idiocy and greed.
A place where the morning
Dew provides drinking water
For little people with wings.
Where, you hear the trampling of
Hoofs beating the earth and look
Up to see the face of a man.
Where night is day from the
Shimmering fairies and
Stars so bright and large
That one thinks they can
Reach up and take one.
A place where the legacy of the
Three-tailed monkeys
Live forever and your
Petty worries and troubles
Evaporate. A place so
Wonderful, it pains
You to think of a time
When you were not there.
A place where you all could
Go see if you had a
Three-tailed monkey in
Your heart and mind.

If you are not yet lifted by
My words then please just
Remove this text from your sight,
For you will never know of this
Place or any other alike.Let
This have been a test on
Whether your Monkey, if
Not already up and playing,
Is sleeping or dead.

Oh yes, your day affairs are
More important than that
Of this land, but it's this
Very reason that your world
Dies while ours thrives.
That is why we are happy while
You live in misery. That is why
We are filled with passion and you
Are filled with...well, intelligence.

Remember, you will need our
Saving. We will not need yours.
You are killing us but never fear
We can and will redeem ourselves.
When your world is dying, what will
You do? So turn off your mind,
Relax and float downstream. Perhaps
Ithaca is too far a journey,
There are plenty of places of
Wonder and magic.

Journey through the Wardrobe,
Fall down the Rabbit Hole,
Stroll through a Forest.
Come revive a world of cheer
And silly dreams.

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