Broken Heart, Broken Trust

July 6, 2010
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This is what I have learned about a broken heart:
The people who you loved the most
Who told you,
Who promised you,
That they would never,
In a million years,
Hurt you,
Can hurt you the most.

They can get inside your head
They know all your secrets
They can backstab you with
Knives that you fabricated yourself,
Because you never thought that
They would use them against you,

Now I sit here,
Shaking with
Shock and
My insides are all
As I contemplate everything
That was said,
I cry
Not for you,
Because you don’t deserve it,
But for my broken heart,
Because it has endured so much pain.

I will not let you bring me down,
Because you are not worth it.
I will not believe
All the lies that you scream at me.
I will never
Take you back,
Because I know that you
Will hurt me again.

The darkness tries to envelop me
The whisperscreams try to get in my
Mouth, nose, and ears,
Trying to fill me up with your
Lies and excuses
Saying that I
When all I did was support you,
And you were the one
But I won’t let the whisperscreams
Get in my head,
This time.
I won’t let them kill me,
I won’t let them
Cut me down.
I won’t let the darkness envelop me,
I won’t let it turn everybody
Against me,
And break me

You broke my heart,
My trust,
But I still have my kindness,
I won’t stab you back.
I will hate you,
But I won’t lash out at you.
I will never be your friend again,
But I won’t turn others against you.
I can still fix
My reeling,
I wipe away the
Black mascara smears
Take a breath
Take a moment
Breathe in deep,
Breathe out pain,
And vow to never talk to you

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Kay-Kay96 said...
Feb. 10, 2012 at 9:16 am
wow i love it:) I can totally connect to this
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