Sleepless nights

July 4, 2010
I wonder why i can't sleep
Why my mind is either racing or blank
Why i don't feel tired
or i am so tired i cannot sleep
I wonder if it's my meds
i don't think it is
I mean i didn't sleep when i was off them
It's like a monster is haunting me
IT doesn't want to let me go
It doesn't want to say goodbye
and let me slip into peace
All i wish for is to close my eyes
and just drift off into darkness
But my monster won't let me
Maybe i need something
Maybe i could just go to the doctor
Tell her i can't sleep
Maybe she could give me something
I would be able to say goodbye
to the monster that lurks in my body
Why can't i sleep
I would think i am tired enough
it's been months since i slept
almost a year
All i want is at least one full night
Of this holly thing we call rest
So can someone or something give me that
Soon please cause my monster is here
ready to haunt me

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