The Human Leaf

July 6, 2010
By SimplyMeadow SILVER, Richmond, Indiana
SimplyMeadow SILVER, Richmond, Indiana
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In the wind She flies and she floats,
In the Wind She’s sings.
In the wind She cries but she hopes,
In the Wind she’s free.

In the trees the green is her shelter,
their rough bark is her shield.
Against all lies.
Or any self doubt,
Against damage done to herself.

A simple leaf is her friend,
A simple leaf represents all that is her,

Part of the trees, swaying in the wind.
The leaves are her family.
The rain her life support.
She takes care of herself, within a system of friends.

She loves herself,
She loves the earth,
She loves all its occupants.

Creatures great or small,
Whatever they have done,
She knows how to forgive.
She knows what it means to love all.

She knows real beauty.
She knows real loyalty,
She knows real Human nature,
And all it could be.

The human leaf knows you,
The human leaf knows me.

The human leaf is great.
And beautiful.

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