The White Wood

July 2, 2010
By prccgeek SILVER, Park Ridge, Illinois
prccgeek SILVER, Park Ridge, Illinois
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The crowds scuttle in to gaze,
open eyed and open mouthed,
At the white pieces of wood
Or the dot on the blank canvas.

But WHY?
A piece of blank piece of wood could be used in so many useful ways.
Hanging on a wall is not one of them.

However, I am wrong to let that slip.
(I don’t get it -- that is insignificant to the rest of the world.)

It is art.
It is significant.
It moves someone.

But not me.
I would rather watch the white wooden fan
Shooting shadows across the corners of the ceiling
When anxiousness attacks my body at 3 in the morning.
They should put that in a museum,
But most would say “Insignificant.”

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